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Room for More

October 17, 2012

Beautiful room scenes like these can make the TV commercials we produce for our favorite flooring manufacturer and client look relatable, comfortable, and like home. With the help of Albion Studios in High Point, North Carolina ASV was able to capture scenarios from every day life with custom designs that help retailers sell flooring. The furniture capital is the perfect setting for Albion's 90,000 square foot warehouse full of furniture, light fixtures, and interior design accessories to create custom-tailored rooms for dozens of clients shooting advertising stills and video.

Producing in the warehouse environment makes for a one-stop production shop. On this particular recent shoot, ASV was able to capture multiple scenarios and rooms in one day utilizing talent in the at-home situational room sets that make everyone look like they belong.

DP, Aaron Stecker, utilized the Red Camera by hanging it ou a jib. This allowed ASV to simulate a feeling of floating over the room. Aaron explained the lighting by saying "Using lighting different techniques, we made the rooms warms and inviting. The outcome makes each room feel like a room you'd want in your own home."

Keeping up with CNN

October 11, 2012

Mobile America keeps CNN Promotions Producers moving... so they asked for a hand from ASV Productions recently. With the expert location-scouting of Mellen Productions in finding a beautiful midtown Atlanta home location, Director of Photography and Associate Producer Lauren Dragona set about capturing b-roll of simulated CNN mobile app users on a multitude of devices at home and on the go.

DP, Aaron Stecker describes "The shoot was especially challenging as we had to simulate different times of the day in the midtown home. Dan Philipp and Gray Saunders of Danny Boy Services did a fantastic job in meeting the lighting demands"

ASV's Associate Producer Lauren Dragona recalled "We could not have had as successful a shoot without the help of our fellow tenants in Colony Square- Colony Square Eye Care, Wellness Plus and The W Hotel, and Einstein Bagels down the street from us. The talent also aided in the success of the shoot with their positive attitudes."

Download the CNN app yourself or tune in to CNN for the latest... and check out for more on this ASV mobile mission.

Tuning into the Frequency with ASV

October 3, 2012

When it comes to production... sound and light are our forte'.... so a leading edge global manufacturer of voltage and frequency measurement devices came to ASV Productions to capture their newest innovations... making for the perfect fit.

It was a learning experience for ASV's DP, Aaron Stecker, and Senior Editor, Nathan Courtney, who worked with the product manger who spoke limited english. Working with a one of a kind protype, ASV staged the product on a seamless white backdrop to highlight the products unique touch screen features.

The initial videos impressed our client so much that the home office in Japan asked for a version in their native language. They also asked for ASV to visit the manufacturing facility here in Atlanta to capture b-roll for the global branding video. Aaron recalled "Working in the plant was a highlight of this project. To have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the manufacturing assembly line, and seeing it through the eye of the Red Camera was an incredible experience. The imagery captured and the detail of the machines is unparalleled."

Setting a Brand in Stone through Video

September 29, 2012

How do you capture millions of years of Mother Nature's beauty in an instant? With the Red Scarlet and ASV Productions of course. Director of Photography, Aaron Stecker, flew to Chicago to expertly film the beauty of these natural stone wonders for one of the largest residential stone distributors in the country.

The tricky, industrial warehouse environment, called for expert lighting. Aaron used 4 HMI 1200's and 1 Diva Light to enhance the color and texture of each natural work of art while Jib Operator and Chicago native, Mark Zurawiec, operated the crane to perfection to sweep the grandeur of the dozens of daunting stone giants that will eventually live as countertops in countless American homes.

The crew and employees had a great time with this shoot!

Stay tuned for the finished video on

Video Captures Hazardous Duty

September 21, 2012

As the show Dirty Jobs chronicles, some jobs are harder than others... and then there are the guys who film them! ASV Director, Aaron Stecker, with an assistant Grip and second camera operator, Kevin Courtney, set about recently to film each of over two-dozen jobs for a manufacturing client, in a series designed to document all the things that can go wrong in an instant, and how to avoid them.

ASV crew had to pass a safety quiz, wear hard hats and steel-toed shoes and get in the trenches with the guys on the front lines in manufacturing wire and cable. The footage will be used to create modules that teach the next generation labor force about the hazards that come with the work.

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