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Is it Live or is it...Video?

January 30, 2013

As Beyonce' faces a barrage of harassing media stabs at her credibility... I ask myself... did Beyonce' ever say up front she would perform the anthem live to begin with?

I make my living on people/organizations/companies, using pre-produced media to communicate who they are so that they don't have to... deliver it live. Why do they count on ASV Productions to help them? Because it matters.

I pose the question to you as an individual... how well do you perform your elevator pitch? Think about it. Be honest. Give it another minute. Okay – would you rather someone else do it for you? Even, in some cases, pay an entire sales team to do it for you? Exactly.

The videos on which we collaborate with our clients, often months in advance of a presentation, help them communicate a well-thought-out, well-planned, well-scripted, thoroughly-often-exhaustingly-reviewed, well-crafted, well-in-advance-decided, visual and verbal message. Don't you? When you have thirty seconds to two minutes to perform and it means the difference in a career, a highly-anticipated moment, an entire image, do you trust yourself to deliver it well enough live or do you use the tools available to you today to help you get it right during the very brief opportunity you have to gain someone's attention... because it matters?

For a national anthem in one man's and one nations' history... under the most intense scrutiny allowed our free world today, who would you have trusted?

I know Beyonce' can sing... I have shaken my booty to her tunes... and marveled at her ability to perform. I know she could've done it live... wouldn't have been chosen had she not been a consummate and well-respected performer and professional. I don't care how it went down. Whatever the case may truly be; live, recorded, or a mix of the two... I respect her most for understanding that the moment wasn't really about her. If she had chosen to be selfish enough to try it live and had a moment of falter... we wouldn't have remembered it was the moment that mattered... not the singer.

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From Joy's Desk

Video Messaging

January 23, 2013

The power of the word, how it is written, spoken, or placed is not to be understated. Whole bodies of study on linguistics and semantics exist to solve age-old questions surrounding usage and meaning.
In the inside world of video professionals, we are well aware that editing one word out of a sentence can change an interview subject's entire meaning or context. As our client's partners in creating video content that represents them, we recognize, respect, and constantly remain guardians of a sacred, unspoken trust placed in us not to do so.

When we put words on screen – we deal with this all of the time. On review by multiple parties... many of us can confirm that we see nothing wrong with the way a graphic is worded, only to have one person say, "Well... could it be taken this way though?"

This week, at the same time Subway set about defending the use of the term "foot long," in a class action suit in NJ, we at ASV dealt with two words: "all" and "each." Multiple products are for sale on a client website page where the wording says, "All items are (for example) $99.95." Can a customer ask for all of the items on that page to be provided for the one price of $99.95? We added the word each, "All items are $99.95 each," to avoid any possible misinterpretation.

The plaintiff's attorney for the suit against Subway in New Jersey was quoted on Good Morning America as saying, "Companies should deliver what they promise." At ASV, we believe, working together with our clients in creating effective communications products, it's our job to be ever mindful of the messaging we are working with them to create.

Have you got an example of a recent misinterpretation "minefield" based on usage or abusage that brought home the issue to you? Tell us about it on our Facebook Page! The more we share our experiences on the subject – the more we educate one another.

From Joy's Desk

What's Your Image Worth in Video?

January 11, 2013

The New Year always offers opportunities to take account of shifts in industry trends that occurred in the previous year and how they affect your business going forward.

An issue that popped up at ASV, the first week of 2013, has us reading up on talent usage and talent rights. Our addition of the Scarlet in early 2012 made it possible for our clients to get the most out of the footage we film for their video productions, including perhaps, the use of freeze frame still imagery pulled from that footage in their print or online promotional and advertising efforts.

Today, web real estate is an ever-changing landscape of possibilities and is extraordinarily valuable to our clients... and so is our talent's right to be paid for extra usage there. Our job is to help clients accomplish the most ROI... while also protecting the valuable talent we contract to appear in front of the camera.

We'll be watching online blogs and conversations about talent usage, touching base with the Unions and legal beagles on the subject, and, in general, clarifying our understanding as we move into 2013. Feel free to write ASV to let us know your thoughts or good articles out there on the subject.

ASV's Aaron Stecker Reflection on 2012

January 4, 2013

2012 saw ASV reaching multiple milestones in our goal for world domination: new technology (namely the RED Scarlet), new incredible clients, returning clients with new projects, great work from our new people... all culminating in the creation of multiple successful videos... all on time and in budget. Now if we could just figure out world peace...

This week, we sat down together to outline what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. In addition to new client, new project, and new outstanding/innovative/inspirational idea goals, the group here also had organizational, interpersonal mentoring, and altruistic goals woven into their plans... all in an effort to help me achieve my world domination goal, of course.

My favorite high notes of the past year included working with an employee to feed the homeless with my scout troop... and watching as we coordinated the toys that would go to needy families over the holidays, or cash and clothes to the victims of Sandy. So it sounds as though the gang is on the right track again for 2013.

A priority of mine is to always keep an eye on what's truly important in life: family, friends... and giving back. What's it all for... without giving it all meaning?

So here's to what we accomplish together in business this year... and in life. May your 2013 be filled with all of the things you need to achieve your goals... and feed your heart.

ASV Productions Takes Video to Harry Potter World

December 1, 2013

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Spoken by Albus Dumbledore

THE ASV crew, consisting of Aaron Stecker, Joy Brown, Lauren Dragona, and Nathan Courtney all sure thought they were dreaming while being treated to a private Universal Studio's Harry Potter World event, courtesy of one of our favorite clients, Mohawk Industries during their 2012 Aligned Retailer Convention in Orlando. Well we thought we were dreaming until we all rode the coasters that is... then we KNEW we were living.

It was a great week spent talking to retailers about the definite uptick of business this past year... and the contribution that our Mohawk-Produced TV made in their advertising efforts.

Thank you Mohawk for another great year and the opportunity to provide you with our services. Working with you is our dream job.

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