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YouTube: The New Big Screen For Video Production

March 11, 2013

New Youtube channel, WIGS, is dedicated to scripted dramas and is attracting celebrities like Julia Stiles, Jennifer Garner, Catherine O'Hara, America Ferrera, and many more, to a social media platform once tag-lined as "Broadcast Yourself".

WIGS is a perfect example of online independent entertainment. With several series and short films to choose from, these 8-minute episodes are engaging and unique. You won't find these storylines on major TV networks as they address issues like sexual assault in the army, and a mom living a double life as a call girl, among other edgy situations women find themselves in while striving for success in today's society.

But what does this mean for celebrities and your average Joe? You Tube, most commonly known for videos posted by every day people to show off a talent or share the humorous antics of their families, pets, or friends, is now a vehicle where professionals are starring in their own mini-series. What once was an amateur showcase, may soon be the new HBO.

With audiences increasingly turning to, and tuning into, their computers more than prime-time TV, talented Producers/Directors, like Jon Avnet, Producer of Black Swan, and Rodrigo Garcia, Director of Six Feet Under, and celebrities, will no longer need the backing of Fox, Paramount, or Universal to get their work watched. Although I am sure the creators of WIGS didn't think much past giving their own programming a distribution outlet, the success of their channel could make Hollywood a place where Movies and TV shows were "once" made.

With increasing access to professional technology, like cameras and editing software, and an abundance of want-to-be creators, YouTube could eliminate prime time television as we know it, and open the door for unknown talent to give viewers new quality programming missing from today's cable networks.

TED Talks: Are Limits Actually Opportunities?

March 7, 2013

"Embracing the limitation can actually drive creativity ... we need to first be limited in order to become limitless." ---Phil Hansen, Artist, Session 2 Q & A TED 2013

ASV Productions chose to post the link to an article by Kate Torgovnick about this year's Session 2 TED Q & A with Phil Hansen this week because we love the idea that limitation can lead to creative inspiration. We're big believers in the notion that challenge is the opportunity. Limitation is what prompts us to transcend ourselves to see differently.

After all, video production, in and of itself, is a creative by-product of limitation. When you can't be in two places at once, or all over the world while standing in one place, what can communicate your message for you? That's right – video ☺

If you aren't already a fan of Phil Hansen... please watch his brief Ted Talk from July 2012 – and you will be:

"If you treat the problems as possibilities, life will start to dance with you in the most amazing ways."---Martin Villeneuve, Filmmaker, TED 2013

What limitation has brought you creative inspiration?

Video in Our Daily Lives

February 18, 2013

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." ― Marcel Proust

This morning on facebook... all before 8am... I shared in an emotional birthday moment for a little girl whose parent's surprised her with a last-minute trip to Disney, watched a woman receive a heart-stopping... then heart-warming... hug from a full-grown lion, learned about an amazing man in India who walked away from his job to start feeding and caring for the homeless, and checked our own link to the GA Epilepsy Foundation's Taste of Love video that premiered this past Saturday night... to re-visit moments with the children affected by this life-altering condition.

I wasn't even out of bed and I felt more enlightened than I had in three nights and several hours of network television. Video moments and the technology we are using to share them are taking us to new levels of understanding one another.

In a matter of a mere ten or twenty minutes of video-surfing daily, the magic of video is helping us all to see the world we live in with new eyes. Our founders here at ASV, have directed, still direct, and will continue to direct all that we do from a place of understanding the core mission: we are storytellers.

Take a moment to watch a few of the stories our client partners have given us the privilege to assist them with here at

From Joy's Desk

ASV Productions Takes Home Gold at the AVA Digital Awards

February 14, 2013

Congratulations to ASV Productions and our client partners, The Georgia Epilepsy Foundation and The National Arthritis Foundation, for being awarded Gold level AVA Digital awards by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. ASV Productions is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with these esteemed organizations on the award-winning "Imagine - 2012 GA Epilepsy Foundation, Taste of Love Video" and "The National Arthritis Foundation 2013 Arthritis Walk Video." Thank you to the AMCP for its recognition of the pieces for their high standard of video production and creativity.

AVA Digital Awards is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international organization consists of several thousand production, marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, and free-lance professionals. AMCP administers recognition programs; provides judges and rewards outstanding achievement and service to the profession. As part of its mission, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of creative professionals who contribute their unique talents to public service and charitable organizations.

How do you elevate your game?

February 7, 2013

"Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things." ---Denis Diderot

Before the Super Bowl, not unlike like most of you I'm sure, I made a friendly little wager on the game. Mine was with my dad, who said to me, "Who do you want, and how many points?" "Well," I replied, "It's tough. I think San Francisco's got the better game and is better at consistent execution throughout the game... but I think Baltimore's got more heart... and when there's heart in the game, all bets are off as to what can happen or how close it will be." I was in a quandary over which team to choose.

Throughout the night, coverage captured an amazing night. Everything from Alicia Keys' moving Star Spangled Banner rendition, to the coaches and player's heated exchanges and fierce competition, to Beyonce's winning halftime show... the main message that hit home with me was the investment of all of these "players" in their life's work. I thought a lot about the issue of heart and passion and... what elevates the game.

In my work, I am privileged to talk to people in on-camera interview situations all of the time about what they do, why they do it, and what inspires them... it's my favorite thing about the video production work we do. I learn a lot in the process, about worlds I never knew existed before a client asks us to start helping them tell their story. The people organizations choose to tell that story on camera... all communicate with passion.

Time and time again in our video world... we are witness to success stories about people who walk with passion in their life's work... come from a place of doing what they love... because of a personal inspiration... because they couldn't imagine not following that prompting of the soul. It's a joy to behold... and it is... what elevates the game. Happy Heart Month everybody...

From Joy's Desk

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